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Currently, our dining room is Closed, and we are accepting Take Out Orders Only.
If you would prefer to dine at home, but still enjoy our great food, please do continue to order with us via our Take Out Menu.


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Debit or Credit Preferred.

You cannot ORDER ONLINE, you must call to order:

905 987 4200

Pay by phone with debit or credit, now available.

You can temporarily add Beer & Wine to your Takeout order!

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The Fan Save Program offers our new Gift Certificates, now available to purchase online! Purchase in any denomination and redeem at the restaurant.

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The Old Newcastle House Taps & Grill


The Old Newcastle House Taps & Grill located in the historic town of Newcastle Ontario offers a great spot to gather for travellers and neighbours alike, since 2009.  Situated at the West end of Newcastle on King Avenue (Highway #2), the friendly atmosphere and great pub fare welcome you.

Enjoy our permanent outdoor patio from May to October. Now with the Corona Corner, and outdoor big screens, our Patio is a very popular meeting place for people to gather for a great time out with family and friends. Our new addition, Newcastle Dairy Ice Cream, opens in our back lot from Spring to Fall.

What makes this the best pub to come back to? Our great service, excellent food and great atmosphere!

Our loyal customers return every week, and you don’t have to travel far from home to enjoy a good time out. Join us for Live Music on some Friday or Saturday Nights, and try our Weekly Specials and soak up an authentic pub right-in-your-neighbourhood atmosphere with a bit of Newcastle Heritage flair.

Watch our Social Media pages for updates on daily specials and upcoming events!


Front Door Spring

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Private parties, events, and gatherings! Book your events well in advance to accommodate your party at The Old Newcastle House Taps & Grill!
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Some Fun Facts about our last 10 years at The Old Newcastle House:

How Many Caesars have we served in 10 years?

As the mighty Caesar turns 5o, and we celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year, we thought we would let you know, our loyal patrons, just how many of the yummy meals in a glass we sell:

  • All told, we have sold roughly 20 Caesars a day, or 7300 a year or 73,000 over a 10-year span!!!!!!!
  • With all the trimmings, that’s 219,000 olives, 219,000 dashes of Worcestershire and Tabasco, 73,000 pickled asparagus spears, and a whopping 34,353 litres of the best Caesar mix around, Clamato!!!
How much Beer has been sold in 10 years…AMAZING!
  • Did you know, since 2009 we have sold approximately 200,000 litres of beer! That’s the equivalent of approximately 3500 kegs or 5 full-size tanker trucks, and all those kegs stacked end to end is the equivalent of 7000 feet or 4 CN Towers…!!! Unbelievable!!!!! Not bad for a small town pub…Factoid provided by Kevin!

Some New Additions: Introducing the Bird’s Nest

As part of our 10th anniversary, We were happy to recognize Lorraine & Phil Bird, from Wilmot Creek in Newcastle, with a special place at The Old Newcastle House Taps & Grill! Lorraine & Phil have been coming in every week, for 10 years, since day 1, way back in 2009. Lorraine & Phil love sitting at our table 14 (at the bottom of the stairs).
We have witnessed a few “Bird Attacks” over the years if anyone is occupying their nest! With that being said, we are honoured to rename table 14, “The Birds Nest”. Their unwavering support and friendship have been greatly appreciated!

The Leaning Area

The Leaning Area, located by the bar,  has been created with a beautiful live edge finish and constructed in ash, by Marchant Custom Builds & Contracting Jeff Marchant!
The tree used for this project was harvested from a site on Beaver Street in Newcastle, and pays tribute to Mr. Karl Weyrich, the proprietor of Karl Weyrich Wood Specialties. His factory was located where the No Frills currently stands. An image of the factory is included on the top of this custom design! We were fortunate to find a matchbook from the 40s or 50s that bears his name as well.

This sturdy installation held up a few burly men and was the center of conversation at our recent St. Patrick’s Day Event!
Join us in celebrating #VillageofNewcastle history!